The future of responsbile waste management

Products tell stories. Through them, we can learn more about our past and present. The story of litter baskets around the world tells of a living urban organism. After centuries of usage and myriad designs, this urban furniture entails in itself the lives of all the persons involved with it, from the coffeeholic pedestrian to the “invisible” sanitation worker.

Now, it is time to tell a new story. One that envisions not the past, but the future, using straightforward design to aim towards a healthier culture around waste for the next 100 years.

BetterBin intends to improve the quality of life for those who live in the city. The progressive design is aiming to address street cleanliness, urban appearance and recycling responsibility, all without negelcting the


New York City Sanitation Department opening reception

Wanting to have a first look at the current litter baskets, I took the bus down from Providence to Manhattan to hear the personal point of view of the local sanitation workers. Their insight and informed opinion helped to encapsulate the pros and cons of the current baskets and to better understand the requirements needed for a redesign.

Following our meeting, iteration was the key for developing an idea. The different ideas had to apply the best ergonomic and material use to improve the working conditions of the basket and convey a message of sustainability. To realize the manufacturing technique and the material used, I asked the advice of Justin Sirotin, CEO and founder of OCTO Product Development, and Professor Christopher Bull, a material scientist from Brown University.

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